Painting the outside façade walls  of 16 cottages and partly changing the plates. Contractor OBOS. The person responsible for the project  - Arne Klungland.

Renovation of Office premises into the Office, conference hall, hallway, toilet facilities. Wall destruction, mounting new wall partitions made of metal profiles with gyps pasteboard, puttying, painting, levelling the concrete floor coating , laying tiles in the toilet, mounting of doors  and new list on the floor. Customer – the Red Cross. The person responsible for the project Stian Estenstad.

Renovation of  the roof  with isolation. Customer – Landsbygg Norge AS.

Renovation of  a 90 square  metres apartment. Laying a new parquet , destruction of the walls, puttying the walls, painting the ceiling and the walls, mounting IKEA furniture in the bedroom. Customer –  Cedric Jucker.

Total renovation of  an apartment. Changing the  doors, pulling down the  walls, sparkling the ceiling; mounting parquet  on the floor, installing spotlights, dishwasher, gas – stove, mounting kitchen furniture; renovation of the bathroom, laying the membrane, laying tiles on the wall and floor; installing  a sink , a closet, a shower cabin, a cupboard, a  mirror.  Customer – Nora Lovoi.

Building a monolith garage,  putting up a wooden fence and  landscaping. Customer -  Yuen Simon.

Renovation of a house facade. Customer – Yuen Lind.

Mounting a garage of wooden boards with the installation of windows, doors and a gate. Customers – Grete and Trond Karlsen.

Mounting a garage of wooden boards with the installation of windows, doors and a gate. Customer – Glenn Mellegaard.

Renovation of the house. Painting the house façade, disassembling  and assembling the interior walls; insulation of ceilings, walls, floors; mounting gyps pasteboards on the walls and ceilings, sparkling and painting the walls and ceilings, mounting of parquet, tiling in the bathroom; mounting the furniture, stair railings and other construction works. Customer – Cedric Jucker.

Building a terrace and stairs outdoors. Disassembling the old concrete stairs and mounting new wooden stairs, concreting the foundation and building  a new terrace. Customer  – Brendan Slater.

Painting the interior walls of a house  and the ceiling. Customer – Nils Walseth.

Renovation of an  old terrace and building a new terrace  with stairs, benches, railings around the pool. Painting the façade of the house. Customers – Trond and Ida Kverstrom.

Painting the internal house walls, ceiling and doors. Customer –  Simensen Kosmo / Bjorn.

Painting the interior and exterior of the house. Customer – Henning Hoholt.

Painting the interior house walls, ceiling and  kitchen furniture;  sparkling the walls and the  ceiling; minor carpentry work. Customer – Widar Halen.

Mounting the walls, installation of the under floor heating, concreting the floor, laying tiles in the bathroom , mounting the parquet, laying glass brick, mounting the doors and IKEA furniture. Customer -  Ka Kod Yuen.

Paperhanging, sparkling, painting. Customer – Sælin Jorunn.

Restoration of a restaurant: removing  old panels, mounting the  wall construction, mounting gyps pasteboard  on the walls and ceiling, sparkling, putting  tiles on the floor and the wall;  making and mounting  a bar / disc, some other jobs.  Customer – Yuen Azen.

Painting a  cottage. Customer – Andreas Orheim og Elen.